Investigating culturally diverse local heritage work

7.8.2020 Uutinen

The Finnish Local Heritage Federation (Suomen Kotiseutuliitto) is doing a survey to investigate the scope and nature of culturally diverse local heritage work. We would like all those who do local heritage work or local community activities to fill in the questionnaire.

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You can respond in the role of an operator, volunteer or hired employee, based on your personal views. We are not seeking the official views of associations or organisations. Several individuals from the same organisation can fill in the questionnaire. All responses are valuable and welcome!

  • Link to questionnaire:
  • You need some Finnish language skills, as the questions are in Finnish, but you can respond in English or Swedish if you wish. If you need assistance, please contact:
  • The questionnaire will be open until 27 September 2020.
  • You are also welcome to share the questionnaire with others.

What is local heritage work?

Local heritage work refers to activities and lobbying to promote a sustainable local community: preservation and sustainable development of local special characteristics and social networks, revitalisation and understanding of the settlement, and facilitation of a good living environment and continuity of related understanding.

What is culturally diverse local heritage work?

Culturally diverse local heritage work considers the diverse spectrum of operators and potential operators in respect to the goals, contents and operating principles of activities and the target groups invited into activities. Intercultural dialogue and the preservation of cultural heritage and local culture can be achieved by involving all kinds of people in community activities.

About the questionnaire

The questionnaire comprises five sections related to culturally diverse local heritage work. In addition to these, respondents are asked for some background information.

Most of the questions are multiple-choice, and you can enter text if you want to add something. It takes approximately 20–30 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Incomplete questionnaires cannot be saved, so please reserve enough time to complete it in one go. The questionnaire will be open until 14 September 2020. We hope that you will share the questionnaire widely with members and colleagues.

On the survey and report

The Finnish Local Heritage Federation will use the survey results to prepare a report outlining national guidelines for culturally diverse local heritage work and suggestions for its improvement. The survey will also facilitate the building of culturally diverse cooperation networks between existing operators. At the same time, the potential for social influence will increase. Cooperation and networks will also stimulate encounters and dialogue between people from different backgrounds.

Thank you very much for your help in mapping culturally diverse activities!

More information: organisation manager Liisa Lohtander,