Finnish Local Heritage Federation

The Finnish Local Heritage Federation is the central organising body for local heritage work in Finland.

Our purpose is to promote recognition of the diversity of Finnish culture and regional cultures in Finland, as well as to develop and support local heritage projects and serve our members as the central lobbying body of local heritage work.

We are also engaged in social and regional planning, and work to preserve Finnish cultural environments and the appreciation of Finnish nature.

Our main aim is to promote the interests of our members and to give advice on questions of local heritage work, locality, and cultural heritage.

The Finnish Local Heritage Federation

  • Arranges training for and courses on local heritage and regional work
  • Provides information and issues publications on local heritage work
  • Carries out local heritage projects and campaigns (see Masters and Apprentices project and template)
  • Organises the annual National Local Heritage Conference
  • Gives awards for the Borough of the Year, the Local Heritage Society of the Year, the Local Heritage Book of the Year, and the Local Heritage Act.
  • Allocates grants for the repair of community halls on behalf of the Ministry for Education and Culture
  • Participates in the organisation of European Heritage Days (EHD) in Finland

Our members include over 850 societies. Individual supporters may also join the club of the Local Heritage Federation.

What is local heritage work?

Local heritage work refers to activities and lobbying to promote a sustainable local community: preservation and sustainable development of local special characteristics and social networks, revitalisation and understanding of the settlement, and facilitation of a good living environment and continuity of related understanding.

Culturally diverse local heritage work considers the diverse spectrum of operators and potential operators in respect to the goals, contents and operating principles of activities and the target groups invited into activities. Intercultural dialogue and the preservation of cultural heritage and local culture can be achieved by involving all kinds of people in community activities.

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